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Who Should Use Net Profit Plus

Small business owners who want accountability to know they can always have a profitable business.  Detail from this JP Morgan report (https://bit.ly/3h5ZW0G) shows most small business will be out of cash in less than 60 days.  Do you want to be in the middle of another financial crisis begging the government to hand you money or do you want to know you can weather the storm because you are lean, efficient, and well prepared?  If you want to be one of the proud few business owners that beat the statistics, get the book or call us to find out more.

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Other Services to Get Profitable Faster

Some of the fastest ways to reduce one’s expenses is to know what is market rate.  The trouble is we don’t know, but here are some experts that I turn to who have this information at their fingertips to make sure your company is as profitable as possible.

name of the company

Schooley Mitchell

Schooley Mitchell are cost optimization specialists. They negotiate on your behalf to reduce costs on necessary utilities like phone, internet, shipping, and trash pickup. Whatever is saved is split 50/50 and they continually monitor to make sure no extra expenses incurred. The true win-win business. Principal – Peter Grady

contact information

  • 512-940-9322
  • Peter.grady@schooleymitchell.com

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Economic Strategic Partners (ESP)

What makes them unique: ESP helps business get financially fit.  Whether that begins with starting business credit, repairing your business credit, or continuing on with getting the proper loans or lines of credit in place to build your business, ESP can be there each step of the way. Principal – Cuco Heredia

contact information

  • 512-766-4824
  • info@economicstrategicpartners.com
  • https://www.economicstrategicpartners.com/