cash flow investing
Earn money while sleeping

What Should Investing Look Like?

Investing isn’t supposed to make you nauseous and keep you up at night.  It’s supposed to be reliable, dependable, and most importantly, provide income while you are sleeping.  Although there is risk with any investment, I choose to look at possibilities where the playing field is not tilted against me.  Below are various alternative ideas you may want to consider.

(Note: I am not your financial advisor.  I may or may not have invested with these companies I have done an interview with.  I may or may not have lost my own money with these companies.  Please do your own research and understand your own risk tolerance with regards to these alternative asset classes.  This is intended to be a starting point about different options that are outside of Wall Street.

Finally, for some of these investments, one may need to be an accredited investor.  To define what is an accredited investor, please click here:

Rocket Dollar

What makes them unique: The most affordable company that allows you to have your own Self Directed Retirement Accounts – Solo 401(k)s, and IRAs

Principal – Thomas Young

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Wellings Capital

What makes them unique: A fund that picks best-of-class operators in the niches of Self Storage and Mobile Home Communities.  They remove the guesswork on how to vet the operators to know if the company has the history and capability of running the assets. Principal  –  Paul Moore

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Penumbra Solutions

What makes them unique: A fund that purchases life insurance policies from seniors who can’t afford the premiums anymore or is no longer needed for their respective estate plans. Principal – Kevin Nichols

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Leeward REI

Description of what makes them unique: A female-driven multifamily real estate partnership purchasing assets throughout the country which produce consistent passive income for their investors

Principal  – Sonia Lee

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Domain Magnate

Description of what makes them unique: They purchase income producing websites on an individual basis or as a fund and manage the websites on your behalf for maximum income. Principal  – Michael Bereslavsky

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