That was my house payment.

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What is Cash Flow Coaching?

Cash Flow Coaching is about expense optimization.  Most financial advisors look to do one thing for the clients:  How to make their money and assets grow.  While that is extremely important, it’s like playing basketball only on offense, but never helping out on defense.

What Cash Flow Coaching does is help you play defense while the rest of your team is playing offense.  While trimming your phone bill and cutting the cable helps, that’s like moving pebbles.  It doesn’t move the needle enough to make a drastic change in your budget.  But if we can learn how to strategically pay your expenses, and move the big boulders like car payments, mortgages and student loans, we create DRASTIC change and free up hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month in cash.  We don’t compete with the rest of the financial industry, but help you get to your goals faster by removing the bloat that’s weighing you down.

The Six Things That Happen With Cash Flow Coaching

Free Analysis:

There is no charge for seeing what your current financial situation is and if Cash Flow Coaching is right for you

Save Time:

You will see how many YEARS Cash Flow Coaching will save you versus what you are doing now

Save Money:

You will see the THOUSANDS of dollars in interest Cash Flow Coaching will save you versus your current plan

Increased Cash Flow:

Cash Flow Coaching will show you the immediate increase in your personal cash flow with the strategy.

Lifetime Coaching:

Cash Flow Coaching is for life. No tricks, no gimmicks, no upsells.

6 month guarantee:

If you follow the Cash Flow Coaching system and your personal financial situation isn’t better after 6 months, you’ll receive every dollar back in your investment.

Praise for Cash Flow Coaching

Once Howard showed me my numbers, the math just made sense to work with him and Cash Flow Coaching. I saved DECADES of time to pay off my new house and hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest.
Austin, TX
Once I got everything optimized with cash flow coaching, my house payment went from a fixed $2160 per month to my most recent house payment being $125.62! I wish I knew about this sooner.
Cedar Park, TX:
I first had the chance to learn about Cash Flow Coaching from Howard in 2019, and after sitting down with him, and having him walk me through each step, and show me the numbers and math behind the method, I can say that not only was I very impressed by the method itself, but how carefully Howard laid out the process and the math. His client pre-screening tells you all you need to know about working with Howard. He wants to make sure his clients benefit from working with him and refuses to work with someone he doesn’t know he can help. When I buy my first house, you can bet I will be calling Howard.
Austin, TX